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Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra™


Product Code: 23595

  • Description

    Release Date: 1/1/2000

    Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra — her magnificent golden costume is re-created here in splendid detail. Cleopatra's luxurious gown has a dramatic "feather" cloak that surrounds her like the wings of a bird. Her spectacular headdress features cobra symbols that protect royalty, a sun disk enclosed in horns, identifying her with the goddess Isis, and a large double feather representing cosmic harmony. The meticulous sculpting of our Cleopatra doll captures the stunning likeness of Elizabeth Taylor. Her face is painted so realistically that every detail is authentic to the movie - from the incredibly fine glitter eye shadow and heavy kohl liner to the exact shade of violet for her eyes. She is an amazing tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in one of her most glamorous roles.

    ™ & ©1963, 1999 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corportation. All Rights Reserved.

    Elizabeth Taylor likeness: © 1999 Interplanet Productions Limited.

  • Details

    Facial Sculpt: Elizabeth Taylor

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