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Sears Exclusive Best Buy Fashion #9663


Product Code: 9663

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    Release Date: 1/1/1976

    Barbie® doll's red-orange satin gown featured a white-lined, silvery-flecked lace inset in the bodice. The skirt with a front panel was made of sheer nylon and had a lace ruffle at the hem. A satin cape had a white faux fur collar. The doll's accessories were a lace-trimmed white vinyl clutch with a "pearl" button closure, a "pearl" necklace, magenta and white fabric flowers on a yellow ribbon, a white-with-black-print diary that says "Barbie's diary, " and red open-toed pumps.

    All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie® Doll Fashion: Volume 3" by Sarah Sink Eames.

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