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Faraway Forest Map

Faraway Forest Map full-size

An island made up of many lands—some beautiful, others disquieting, Faraway Forest is home to elves, fairies, and water nymphs. Mortal royalty live here, too, as well as unknown creatures who dwell in deep, blue Crystal Caves. If you are lucky, you will meet them all while you journey with us.Lovers of nature and art, the elves and elven royalty live here in tiny, moss-covered houses. All the people of the Faraway Forest would be wise to befriend these wise and perceptive creatures.The northeastern most land—White Woods—is eternally pallid white, bordering the foreboding Dark Forest and the mythically treacherous mountain range that protects the Elf Village and Crystal Caves.The lady who rules here is mysterious and ethereal. Her regal garb includes a gossamer chiffon gown, with silvery accents, branch-inspired crown and “feathery” breastplate. Beautiful deep caves glitter like diamonds. A myriad of windy passageways, twists, and turns lead to untold treasures and surprises.The Dark Forest lies between the lustrous White Woods and the lush green Fairy Kingdom. Barren trees and grey skies, fierce animals that roam the land: this place is frightening and forbidding—or is it?Turquoise blue hot springs, icy shores, and waterfalls create a mystical space where water sprites and other creatures play.Winds whip across the grassy meadows, whispering songs and secrets. Not even the flowers or the fireflies here are what they appear to be! This tranquil sanctuary restores and refreshes magical creatures.A lush green wood, fragrant with flowers: the lovely fairies live in this peaceable kingdom. At its center is the ancient and enchanting castle, home to the fairy royal family, once the rulers of all of Faraway Forest.

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